Frequently Asked Questions

We have included some questions are often get sent to us. Please click the question to open up the answer.

These are similar to the tests that will be sat during the recruitment stages of many UK employers. By practicing you can increase your skill set and become quicker and more accurate when completing the tests. This will hopefully increase your chances of getting the job you are applying for.

Many employers in the UK use assessment centres and online tests to quickly identify people that would be suitable for the job that they are offering. Our tests are designed to be as accurate as possible and we offer a wide range of tests that should accommodate most people's needs.

Although we cannot guarantee that completing these tests will make you pass the exams you will sit, we believe that the more you practise the more likely you are to do well. People learn at different speeds and so some people may take longer than others to increase their skill.

We currently offer Spatial Reasoning and Data Checking tests but will soon be releasing Numerical Reasoning and Inductive Reasoning (or sequence) Tests. Spatial reasoning test require you to manipulate shapes and patterns in your head in your head. In our Data checking tests you will be given a set of data and you must select the possible answer which does not contain an error. Numerical Reasoning tests are designed to test your mathematical ability by getting you to analyse graphs and figures and to interpret the data for your calculations. Inductive Reasoning tests involve sequences and functions which rotate and flip an image or jumble up text; you are required to select the correct answer that would come out at the end.

Once payment has been received your account will automatically be credited with the required number of tests, giving you full access to all of our features.

We do not allow users to share accounts. As part of the terms and conditions only the account holder can complete tests, any account found to be used by more than one person will be terminated.

This website was created in 2012, the purpose was to create a site which will allow people to practice aptitude tests similar to those used by employers.